The Truth about What Makes a Good Pole Dancing Teacher

The best pole dancing teachers have the most experience.

The very best pole dancers also make the best teachers.

World of Pole’s Dee Heath has a few things to say about all that! Here’s what REALLY makes a great pole dancing instructor. 

“You don’t have to pole dance for eight years to become a teacher.”

Sure, it makes sense that more experienced dancers would make better instructors. After all, you probably aren’t going to get much out of a session with an instructor that just started a few months ago! But, the fact is, more experience doesn’t always equal a better quality teacher.

At World of Pole, instructors may have as little as one year of experience. In lieu of experience, Dee looks for dedication. “I look for people who will fit into my team, and people who demonstrate teaching ability before pole ability.” It really is about bringing out the best in your students. It’s not about being able to do every fancy trick in the book.

“Just because you are a good pole dancer doesn’t mean you’re a good teacher!”

Okay, so maybe that instructor at the other studio doesn’t have a ton of experience, but boy can she dance! Chances are, you’ve watched routines from some of the best pole dancers in the world and thought, “Boy, I wish one of those women could teach me how to pole dance!”

A few of those women are probably wonderful teachers, but amazing pole dancing ability does not a fantastic teacher make. A great instructor spends her time thinking about ways she can make tricks more accessible for her students. Great pole dancers tend to spend the majority of their time dreaming up ways to make their own routines better, which doesn’t necessarily translate to superior teaching ability.

“The best teachers identify talent early.”

Although the best teachers have ways of encouraging every student to be their best, they are also able to identify talent early, and that talent can be found in many different areas. Every woman has her own unique talent on the pole!

By identifying strengths early, a great instructor can use those strengths to your advantage, allowing you to progress on the pole more quickly.

“Great teachers attract the right students.”

Just as some people might prefer iced coffee to hot coffee, everyone has different preferences when it comes to finding the right pole dancing instructor. Amateur teachers instruct in a very dull, boring way in an attempt to cater to every single student’s needs. The very best teachers behave very differently.

Instead of making sure that they’re the best kind of instructor for everyone, great teachers strive to be themselves in an attempt to attract the right students.

“For example, if a student needs support and love, they will go with the teacher who provides that the most—if they want to be pushed in a certain direction, they will end up choosing a completely different teacher.” And that’s okay! It’s all about finding the right teacher for you.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be afraid to give a new instructor a try, even if she doesn’t have the most experience and she seems a bit kooky. The very best pole dancing instructor for you isn’t always the most obvious choice!

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