Cidalia FernandesInstructor

    Cidalia Fernandes has an impressive number of certifications that include:

    • Boxing for life, 1 and 2
    • 3 and 4 in fitness
    • Vertical dance in beginner, intermediate, and advance levels
    • First Aid and CPR

    Cidalia started with Zumba, which was a lot of fun, until she discovered the world of pole dancing. Her favourite part about pole dancing is the community she gets to be a part of. There’s always someone there to cheer you on and celebrate your efforts.

    Pole dancing has truly changed Cidalia’s life for the better. She is no longer the shy, unconfident woman she once was before starting pole dancing three years ago. Teaching pole is one of the most rewarding gifts she receives each day. She wants every woman to know that pole is not about the strength of your body, but rather the power of your mind.

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