Pole Dancing Is Way Better than Working out at the Gym, and Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why

Looking to burn a few calories? Maybe you want to build muscle mass and burn fat? If fitness is an important goal in your life, you’ve probably signed up for a gym membership. Although working out at the gym may bring you a bit closer to your fitness goals, there are definitely better options, and pole dancing is one of them! Here are just a few reasons why pole dancing is way better than working out at the gym.

Gyms focus on fitness in isolation…

From lifting weights to treadmills and workout equipment, gyms allow you to burn calories, but it all requires you to work alone.

Pole dancing emphasizes community

A pole dancing studio offers the same opportunity for you to burn calories, get stronger, and lose weight, but it does all this by emphasizing community. Each class is full of women who are interested in pole dancing, while an instructor encourages you to do your very best.

Gym equipment depends on repetition…

In order to get a good workout at a gym, you have to do the same things over and over again. Lifting weights, pushups, and even running all require reps.

The pole offers variety

Why do the same thing over and over again when you can do something new? Pole dancing offers variety because there are always new moves and strategies to learn in order to increase your pole dancing skills.

Gym workouts are completely self-guided…

Do you know exactly how many reps you need to do in order to get the most out of your workout? Because gym workouts are completely self-guided, it’s easy to reach a plateau where your workout just isn’t working anymore.

Pole dancing sessions offer the benefits of an experienced instructor

It’s impossible to reach a plateau when you take up pole dancing because you have an experienced instructor helping you every step of the way. Every new move works a new muscle and the instructor will only help you with techniques that you’re ready for.

Gyms offer the same old static workouts every time…

Most people follow the same workout routine. They might warm up on a treadmill, lift some weights, then finish with a little cardio. This routine is predictable and easy to follow, but it’s also extremely boring.

Pole dancing offers new and exciting workouts during every session

Instead of focusing on repeating the same routine each and every time, pole dancing offers new moves and techniques during every session. When your workout is new and exciting, you’ll notice that it goes by in a flash!

Gym workouts are just plain boring…

Because of all that repetition, and the fact that workouts depend on isolation, the gym is just plain boring!

Working out with a pole is way more fun and exciting

Spinning around a pole, learning new techniques, and making friends with everyone in your class is way more fun than spending hours at a gym! Just one visit to a pole studio and you’ll be hooked!

Gyms are full of men who take fitness seriously…

One of the biggest problems with the average gym is that fact that it’s full of men who take fitness seriously. There’s lots of grunting, pacing, and testosterone, which can be uncomfortable for a woman who wants to get in shape.

World of Pole is full of women who want to have fun!

World of Pole in Sydney, Australia is full of women just like you who want to have a little fun when it’s time to workout!

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