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Bikram Yoga NYC opened its doors in August 1999 and became Manhattan’s first Bikram Yoga Studio. Owners Donna Rubin and Jennifer Lobo had both been avid practitioners of Bikram Yoga in other cities and knew that no city needed Bikram Yoga more than New York.

In choosing the first location, Donna Rubin, a former Broadway performer, felt that there was a need for a place for pre-show warm-up in the theater district as the theaters themselves offered no space for stretching. In its first year, many performers, musicians and stage workers filled the classes at the 8th avenue location as a new way to stretch, de-stress and stay in shape.

Word quickly spread about the amazing benefits of Bikram Yoga and in in 2001 Bikram Yoga NYC opened two more studios on the Upper West Side and downtown. In 2002, the Flatiron location was opened and in 2006, Bikram Yoga NYC opened its largest studio on the Upper East Side.

In the past 16 years, Bikram Yoga NYC’s mission has been to spread the Bikram method to as many people as possible by offering almost 300 classes per week.


Dee Heath is the owner and head teacher here at World of Pole. Her qualifications include:

Bachelor of PDHPE

Bachelor of Education

Cert 3 in fitness

Cert 4 in fitness

First Aid certificate

After experiencing pole dancing for the first time at a friend’s Hens Party, Dee was hooked. As an ex-gymnast, finding a form of exercise that kept her motivated and challenged was difficult. Her exercise choices were always changing, that is until she started pole dancing!

Today, Dee has been pole dancing for nearly five years. She has even won the Rising Star Award at Pole Superstar in 2015! She loves that there are always new moves to learn, so there’s always something new and challenging to work on.

She created World of Pole as a way to share her love of pole dancing with other women in the area. Her vision for both studios is to create an environment where women of all ages and sizes can feel safe and supported. She believes every woman should have the freedom to be herself, surrounded by a non-judgmental pole family.


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