Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that size does matter, especially when it comes to pole size!

Although the size of the pole may not seem like a big deal, it can have a huge impact on your

success while you learn how to pole dance. From feeling comfortable gripping the pole to safety,

the size you choose can make or break your experience.

Here are the pole sizes you’ll want to try, and the benefits and disadvantages associated with



It all starts with the diameter of the pole. Although it may seem strange to a beginner that there

would be such a difference between diameters, you’ll realize how unique each pole really is as

soon as you wrap your hand around the pole for the first time.


The smallest size you can get is 38mm. It is an especially good choice for children and petite

women who have small hands. Because the diameter is so small, the pole is extremely easy to

grip, which means even average sized women may find it more comfortable. Some techniques,

like knee pit based moves, are easier on a 38mm pole too.

Even though 38mm poles are great for gripping and they make some moves easier, they do pose

a few challenges. Because the pole is so small, thigh holds can be more difficult, especially if

you have larger thighs. Elbow grips also take a little extra strength and additional practice with

this diameter size.

Installation and body size must also be considered carefully with this pole. Because the diameter

is reduced, it isn’t as sturdy as larger poles. This size is usually not a good idea for high ceilings

and plus sized women.


The next size is 45mm in diameter. This is the standard size for home use, and it’s quickly

becoming the standard size in other venues as well. It offers a better grip than the largest pole,

but it still supports thigh and elbow tricks better than the smaller 38mm size.

If you’re looking to install a pole in your home, this may be the size for you, since it’s so well

liked by petite, average, and even large women. However, just like with the 38mm size, you’ll

have to consider whether or not the pole will provide a high level of safety.

The 45mm pole cannot be extended safely in rooms with very high ceilings. If you have a high

ceiling, or if you’re plus sized, but you want to use a 45mm pole, you may have to consider

reinforcing the pole, or choosing a thicker material.


This is the largest pole size, and it was also the most popular size until the last few years. Gripping

this pole can be a bit of a challenge, especially for women and children with small hands, but it

also offers quite a few benefits over smaller poles.

First, 50mm is the strongest diameter, making these poles the safest option for tall ceilings.

Because they are so sturdy, they are the best choice for plus sized women. They are also

extremely strong, so there’s very little flex with these poles, no matter what kind of material you


They are great for learning new tricks, like thigh holds, especially for women with thin or small

legs. However, the larger diameter can be a bit tricky when it comes to knee holds, especially if

you have a short torso.

Want to see the difference between poles of different diameters? Click here for some great

comparison images.


Although the diameter is arguably the most important consideration when shopping around for a

pole, there are other things you’ll want to consider as well.

Tubing thickness is important to every pole, but thicker tubing isn’t always necessary. For

example, if you prefer the 38mm pole, you’ll definitely want to choose a thicker pole. If you

choose a 50mm pole, it may not need to be as thick as a smaller pole.

The material you choose can also make a difference, as you can choose between brass, stainless

steel, and colored steel. More importantly, you should consider how many pieces are involved.

The more seams and joints on your pole, the weaker it will be.

Hopefully, you can now see that pole size really does matter! No pole is better than another. The

best pole is the one that works the best for you! Speak to one of our pole experts to find out more.

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