There’s no doubt that pole dancing is a lot of fun! The trouble is, when you really start to get into pole

dancing, you may discover that learning new moves is more frustrating than you ever could have


You can’t expect to be an expert overnight! In order to make sure that you progress on the pole, and

you enjoy doing it, you should plan to set some goals.


Many women take up pole dancing to reach their fitness goals, and these kinds of goals may look very

different from the others listed below.

 Losing weight – Unfortunately, some women worry about attending a pole dancing class

because they feel like their weight will make them stick out like a sore thumb. The fact is, pole

dancing is a great way to lose weight!

Pole dancing is mainly an anaerobic exercise, which means that it will keep your metabolic rate

raised for longer than regular aerobics will. This helps you burn more calories for longer.

If you’re worried about being the only curvy girl there, have no fear! Consider signing up for a

class that caters to curvy women!

 Improve muscle tone – Just because you’re skinny, doesn’t mean you have the body you’ve

always wanted. If you’d like to tighten up your skin, you may decide to make muscle tone one of

your fitness goals.

Pole dancing has an uncanny way of making you use your own body weight as resistance,

ultimately improving the muscle tone all over your body. It’s even better because the resistance

that pole dancing provides won’t leave you with awkward, bulky-looking muscles, like lifting

heavy weights will.

 Improving your coordination – What yoga does for balance, pole dancing can do for your

coordination. Every new move requires you to move your body in a different way, allowing you

to practice higher levels of coordination and control.


If you’re having a lot of trouble with certain tricks, it could be that your technique is to blame. If you’ve

got a few tricks on your wish list, it’s probably best to start with a few technique goals instead.

 Flexibility – Many of the most impressive moves require flexibility, and if you haven’t done a lot

of dancing in the past, you may find this to be quite a challenge.

The best part about this goal is that you don’t need a pole to practice. It’s actually best to step

away from the pole when working on your flexibility!

When it comes to flexibility, it’s all about consistency. Try and do a few different stretches for

about 10 minutes a day. As your body learns to bend and flex, those stretches will get easier,

and you’ll be much more flexible when you approach the pole.

 Strength – Although you might argue that this point should be listed as a fitness goal, it directly

relates to your performance on the pole. There may be quite a few moves that require

flexibility, but there are just as many that require strength!

Not only can building your strength help you execute moves, it can also help keep you safer. Lift

weights, do pushups, squats, and any other strength exercises that your pole dancing instructor

recommends. You may even be able to sign up for a special pole fitness class!

 Transitional moves – Technique is all about making your routine flawless, which might mean

setting goals to work on transitional moves.

Climbing the pole must absolutely be mastered before you can attempt more difficult tricks.

Even handstands and the splits can be practiced and perfected in order to make other moves

look more flawless.


When most people think about pole goals, they’re probably thinking about setting goals for tricks. They

are definitely worth adding to your list of goals to work on!

 Inversions – Nothing makes people gasp more than watching a pole dancer complete a flawless

inversion on the pole.

 Iron X – This is quite a popular move, and it is perfect for showcasing your strength, if that

happens to be one of your goals.

 Iguana mount – Want to pole dance like Jenyne Butterfly? It’s all about the iguana mount!

Although these are a few tricks that are popular with many pole dancers, any trick can be added to your

list of goals!

With a little hard work and dedication, and by working on a few goals at a time, you can improve your

pole dancing skills and have more fun while doing it!

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