Pole dancing has a bad rap, but it’s about a lot more than sequinned outfits and nightclubs. Here are just

four of the unbelievable benefits you can experience when you decide to give pole dancing a try.

1. Build strength

So many women spend countless hours of their lives burning fat and building muscle at the gym. The

trouble is, spending time lifting weights and jogging on a treadmill are so boring!

Little do most people know that working out is about much more than burning fat and building muscle;

it’s about building strength too. Unfortunately, all that work at the gym may not be getting the job done.

If you really want to build lean muscle and get stronger, you definitely need to give pole dancing a try!

Although many advanced pole dancing moves obviously require unbelievable strength, even basic

moves, like spinning, require a lot of upper body strength. If you want to feel strong and look lean, skip

the gym and head to the pole studio!

2. Make friends

Making friends was so easy when you were a kid. All you had to do was go to school every day and you

had a whole classroom full of friends. Things aren’t so easy when you’re an adult.

Going to the gym may help you burn calories, but it’s a solitary endeavor. When you visit a pole dancing

studio, you’ll realize right away that it’s all about making friends!

From the pole dancing instructor to the other women in your class, you won’t believe how quickly you’ll

make lifelong friends with others in the pole dancing community!

3. Increase self-confidence

From dressing up in uncomfortable clothing for work to walking around the house in your sweats, it

doesn’t take long to feel like you’ve lost your mojo. Pole dancing is a great way to boost your self-

confidence and get your groove back.

No matter what your skills, size, or weight, building your strength by twirling around a pole is an easy

way to boost your self-image. After attending a few classes, you’ll soon find that all that self-confidence

starts to bleed through into your professional and personal life.

4. Have a little fun

Working out doesn’t have to be torture, but that’s exactly the way it feels when you spend all your time

getting sweaty at the gym. Pole dancing, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to get a great workout

while having fun at the same time!

Dancing around a pole will put you in touch with your feminine side and you’ll have a blast doing it!

With new moves to learn and a high-energy, dance-like atmosphere, you’ll soon start looking forward to

your classes each week!

Isn’t it time you stepped outside your comfort zone? Become a pole dancer and your life is sure to

change for the better.

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