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Have you got more spare time than cash? If you would love to join the World of Pole Club but your budget doesn’t quite allow it, this is just the program for you!

Kayne and Dee loved the idea of the exchange barter system used frequently in the Yoga world which was introduced to them by a fellow studio owner, Karren.  They decided to try it at World of Pole in June 2016 and it has worked beautifully ever since!!

As an Energy Exchange Poler you will become a valuable and important part of our community. This program offers 1-2 studio classes per week and in exchange we ask that you commit to a regular 2 hour slot each week on a set day to help with the running of the studio.

The tasks would include helping with general cleaning, floors, mirrors and general reception (depending on what we have available at the time).

Of course we will require you to have genuine concern for the best interest of the studio, helping to maintain the high level of cleanliness and service we currently offer.

Please email expressions of interest to the studio at

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