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How To Prepare

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Do you do normal 8 week courses?
No, we run a membership based system. The great thing about this is that you can start at any time of the year. Although we do not have courses in a strict manner, we do have structure to our classes and content within each course. We have a strict curriculum that will need to be completed before you are permitted to advance to the next level of your Pole Life.
Can I just show up or do I need to book for a classes?
Yes, you do need to book into classes to ensure you have a Pole. We are a membership based studio and students can choose the classes they’d like to attend each week. Remember we are limited to the number of Poles we have.

You can use either our easy online booking system or our APP (Mindbody Connect).

Be aware that classes are on a booking first basis. There is a waitlist so please ensure you put yourself on that (there are cancellations throughout the week). If you need any help with bookings, feel free to give us a call 0416 727 715.

What If World of Pole Doesn’t Have the Class I Want?
We are more than happy to cater to requests if there is enough interest. Let the front desk know and when we get enough people interested we will get it started!
How is World of Pole Different to Other Pole Studios?
As we operate mainly through memberships we ensure that every class is run so you advance at your own level. It is personalised and every lesson you get some one on one time with your instructor. World of Pole is more than just a studio it is supportive and encouraging environment where people can feel comfortable, at ease and safe. You will get encouragement from our students as well as the teachers.
How big are the Classes?
We have 8 people per class maximum. Everyone gets their own Pole per class.
What clothing do I wear to class?
Normal gym type clothing is fine to begin with. When you are comfortable, shorts are best so you can hold moves longer and do more advanced moves. However, if you feel more comfortable in longer pants, you can wear these and you will get more of an upper body workout. Also bring along a water bottle..
What shoes do I wear to class?
Most of the students go with bare feet, but you may wear runners or flat dance shoes if you prefer. Pole Heels can be worn but these may take a little while to get used to.
What other things do I need to consider?
Avoid wearing jewellery or any lotion or oil on your hands and body prior to coming to class as it will cause you to slip off the pole. We do have special lotion available to moisturise your skin with.

You may want to bring some water and a towel.

Can I pay in cash as I go?
Unfortunately not, we have a secure direct debit system to make it easy for the studio receptionists. If you prefer not to use our direct debit system we do accept cash payments in 6 monthly increments.

Workshops must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Can my friends come and watch?
Sorry, we don’t allow spectators; it’s not fair on the other people in the class. If there is a unforeseen circumstance then please speak to one of our receptionists for further instructions. The only exception is at our organised events where you can bring friends along to watch what you have learned.

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