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Stretch & Flexibility

After taking a Pole Dancing Class Sydney at World of Pole, enhance your performance with greater flexibility!

Moves on the pole are easier to execute with flexibility training.

What our Pole Fitness class does for strength building, our Stretch and Flex class does for flexibility. Although many of our moves depend on upper and lower body strength, there are just as many moves that rely on the flexibility of your body. This specially designed class was created to help you build flexibility away from the pole so you will be more successful on the pole later.

Pole dancing is a lot more work than many people are ready to give it credit for. It requires stamina, upper and lower body strength, and creative expression, but it also requires flexibility. If you have been feeling a little stiff and rigid while you‘re dancing around the pole, give our Stretch and Flex class a try.

Come and relax with a Stretch and Flexibility Class. Although you won‘t spend a lot of time practicing new moves on the pole during this class, everything we do is specifically designed to enhance your performance.

Not many people realise flexibility has a large part to do with active strength as well as flexibility. We cover a wide variety of stretches and strength exercises that target the right muscles to give you the strength to become more flexible.

No matter where you are in your pole dancing journey, our Stretch and Flex class is for everyone. From beginners to experts, everyone can train their bodies to be more flexible in this special class.

Although our Stretch and Flex class can be taken on its own, it provides even better results if you take it while taking a pole dancing class Sydney at World of Pole. Learn more about our class offerings HERE and sign up today!


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