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Pole Flows – All Levels Routine

After having some fun in a class of Pole Dancing Western Sydney at World of Pole. Get your creative juices flowing with our Pole Flow Class.

Many of our other classes focus on specific tricks and skills on the pole. If you are more interested in the creative aspect of pole dancing than its technical aspects, give our Pole Flows class a try. It is open to all levels, but it focuses more on dance and fitness, allowing you to branch out and try new techniques, combos, and routines.

Our Pole Dancing Western Sydney, Pole Flows class has some important things in common with other classes offered by our studio, but there are also some important differences. Just like many of our other classes, the floor work for each level is similar.

However, Pole Dancing Western Sydney Pole Flows allows you to get a bit more creative than other classes that focus on specific moves and techniques. You’ll have the chance to dance and be creative in a dance based class.

Unlike our other classes that have static levels and moves you have to learn with everyone else in the class, your combos are set by the instructor. That means, other students in the class will be practicing completely different routines, which makes for a very interesting and fulfilling class!

If Pole Flows is not for you, check out our other classes HERE.

Add fun spins and tricks to your routine, and let the music move you. Our experienced instructors will help you build a repertoire of combos that are perfect for your fitness and skill level.


Virgin Classes

Virgin Classes

The perfect class for beginners

Get acquainted with the pole and learn basic moves

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’ve never twirled around a pole before, you should start with our Virgin Class. Throughout the duration of this class, you’ll focus on building strength and learning all the basic moves. The best part is, you’ll be practicing around other pole virgins.

Rookie Classes

Rookie Classes

Take your skills to the next level

Increase your skills on the pole and practice more advanced moves

If you’ve spent time in our Virgin Class and are ready to move onto the next level, our Rookie Class is for you. Not only will you be able to practice and refresh all the foundational moves from our beginner class, but you‘ll also have the opportunity to learn more complex moves.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes

Learn combos of tricks and transitions

Use what you already know to create seamless, sexy routines

Our Virgin Class and our Rookie Class are a lot of fun, and they are absolutely essential when it comes to building a firm pole dancing foundation, but nothing compares to our Intermediate Class. Not only will you learn a wide variety of new and exciting moves, you‘ll also learn everything you need to know to complete seamless transitions and create combos with confidence.

Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes

Showcase your skills and learn advanced moves

Learn skills and tricks that you never thought possible

A firm foundation in pole dancing skills and techniques is definitely needed before you can tackle our Advanced Class, but if you‘re ready, you‘ll learn moves that you never thought were possible. Flexibility, strength, coordination, and dedication are needed, but once you graduate from this class, you‘ll be one of the best pole dancers in our studio.

Elite Classes

Elite Classes

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Open Pole Classes

Open Pole Classes

All ability levels are welcome

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Learn pole dancing at your own pace

Everyone is welcome at our Open Pole classes! During our Open Pole class, you’ll get to work on moves and our studio curriculum at your own pace, all while being surrounded by students who are practicing at various levels. Students in this class inspire and encourage each other in a safe and friendly environment.




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