Fitness 4 Pole

Build strength and stamina

Fitness 4 Pole

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Build strength and stamina

Perfect even the toughest moves with our pole fitness class

Spending time on the pole is the best part of pole dancing, but if you really want to excel, you’ve got to do a little extra work. Our Pole Fitness class is specially developed to build strength and stamina in relation to the pole. By working cardio and strength building workouts into your weekly routine, when you do finally approach the pole, you’ll notice a huge difference in your performance.

If you find that you get tired quickly, your muscles time out, or you simply don’t have the strength needed to attempt that trick you’ve been dying to try, our Pole Fitness class is the answer. Each class requires you to step away from the pole, but all of the workouts are specially chosen to enhance your performance.

We offer a variety of different workouts, not only to keep things interesting and fresh, but also to provide you with the very best workout possible. Each pole fitness class is different, but you can expect to experience classes that include:

  • Bootcamp
  • Boxing
  • Tabata
  • Circuit training

Our Pole Fitness class provides you with the extra level of training you need to become the very best pole dancer you can be.

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