Pole 4 Virgins

The perfect class for beginners

Pole 4 Virgins

pole dancer - dee

The perfect class for beginners

Get acquainted with the pole and learn basic moves

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’ve never twirled around a pole before, you should start with our Virgin Class. Throughout the duration of this class, you’ll focus on building strength and learning all the basic moves. The best part is, you’ll be practicing around other pole virgins. You’ll make lifelong friends as you learn your way around the pole with others who are just like you!

Learning any new skill can be extremely overwhelming, which is why we’ve created a special class just for pole virgins. Or super cool, experienced instructors will help you build the strength, confidence, and techniques you need to work your way up to our Rookie class.

Our Virgin Class contains 10 levels. Each level contains multiple moves that you’ll have a blast mastering. Moves you‘ll learn include:

  • Different grips
  • The fireman spin
  • The forward stag
  • And much more!

Sign up for our Virgin Class and you’ll lose weight, build muscle, and enjoy a greater sense of self-esteem!

dee heath - pole dancing instructor

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