Pole 4 All Levels

All ability levels are welcome

Pole 4 All Levels

pole dancing classes penrith

All ability levels are welcome

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Learn pole dancing at your own pace

Everyone is welcome at our Open Pole classes! During our Open Pole class, you’ll get to work on moves and our studio curriculum at your own pace, all while being surrounded by students who are practicing at various levels. Students in this class inspire and encourage each other in a safe and friendly environment.

If you’re more interested in learning moves at your own pace than you are in being grouped with other dancers who are practicing at your level, then our Open Pole class is for you.In this class, we allow students to work through our regular curriculum, like you would in our other classes, but you’re able to work through each level at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

Our curriculum is broken down into different classifications that include Virgin, Rookie, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each one is then broken down into 10 separate, smaller levels where you learn up to six moves on the pole. Our Open Pole class is divided into 10 weeks with three weeks of routine work. Your new skills are then showcased on grad night.

Anyone and everyone is welcome at our Open Pole classes! That means you’ll be surrounded by other dancers who are both less skilled and more skilled than you. You’ll be able to learn new moves, techniques, and tips from other dances, and you’ll be able to share your expertise with others as well.


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