Pole 4 Advanced

Showcase your skills and learn advanced moves

Pole 4 Advanced

Pole 4 Advanced

Showcase your skills and learn advanced moves

Learn skills and tricks that you never thought possible

A firm foundation in pole dancing skills and techniques is definitely needed before you can tackle our Advanced Class, but if you‘re ready, you‘ll learn moves that you never thought were possible. Flexibility, strength, coordination, and dedication are needed, but once you graduate from this class, you‘ll be one of the best pole dancers in our studio.

If you‘re ready to tackle some of the most difficult moves in pole dancing, then our Advanced class is for you. The pace of this class is a little different than some of our other classes because special attention is needed to ensure that you are ready for, and practice, each move with the right technique.

You‘ll continue integrating moves from all of our previous classes into seamless combos and routines, but this Advanced Class will also include learning new moves like:

Various mounts that pair with advanced moves

  • The dragon’s tail
  • The meat hook
  • And many more!

Our skilled instructors will work hard to help you develop advanced moves in a safe atmosphere. Sign up for our Advanced Class today!


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