Even the Youngest Dancers Are Welcome at World of Pole

Kids Dance Classes Blacktown and Rouse Hill

Even the youngest dancers are welcome at World of Pole. We cater for kids dance classes Blacktown area.

Pole dancing is a great way for kids to stay fit and have fun.

Not all kids are interested in playing competitive sports, but making sure they get enough exercise is extremely important. If your kid prefers solitary, artistic activities to the pressures of competitive sports, pole dancing is the solution. Contrary to what you might believe, pole dancing is a true art form that requires strength and flexibility, making it the perfect option for young children!

Forget everything you think you know about pole dancing. It‘s a full-on artistic sport where those who participate work on strength, discipline, skill, flexibility, and artistic expression. Check out this beautiful performance from 11 year old, Olga below!

Did you know it‘s even being considered as an Olympic sport? Check this video out below.

Just like traditional kids dance classes Blacktown, pole dancing is a great option for young children. As a matter of fact, with the addition of a pole that they can spin around, slide down, and climb on, many of our students much prefer pole dancing to traditional dance routines!

Here at World of Pole our kids dance classes Blacktown or Rouse Hill, not only focuses on dance we teach children of all ages a variety of pole dancing moves, we also teach them various safety techniques. We fill each class with fun workouts, activities, and games that are designed to build community, get muscles ready for a workout, and enhance strength so they can try more challenging tricks. Contact us or sign your child up online today!

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World of Pole opened its doors in August 2014. It became Blacktown’s first Pole Studio!

Owners Dee Heath and Kayne Morrison knew that no suburb needed Pole Dancing Sydney more than Blacktown!

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