fitness trainer - world of pole
fitness trainer - world of pole


Deb was born in Sydney, Australia, without most of her left arm. She entered the limelight of the pole world when she won her division in the International Pole Championships for the first time, in March 2012. Since then, she has toured the world performing, judging and teaching workshops; inspiring students and audiences everywhere to do their best, no matter what.
Deb started pole in 2007 and was extensively trained by Suzie Q, Jamilla Deville and Bendy Kate, to name just a few of the contributors to her long-spanning pole journey.
Deb is passionate about teaching, she loves teaching not only pole, but aerial deep stretch and floorwork. She also teaches Pilates, Yoga and spent 5 years as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.
Deb loves to share her acrobatic, dance, yoga and pole knowledge, as well as her integrated experience with her students, aware of her innate ability to inspire them to grow as strong, vibrant, confident people; capable of overcoming not only the next big pole challenge, but the challenge of making this world a more positive place.
Her titles include:
• IPC Ultimate Pole Champion, Disabled, 2012, 2015
• IPC Pole Fit Champion, Disabled, 2013
• Principal Performer, Extraordinary Bodies circus show:
“Weighting” 2015/2016 Season
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