Meet one of our Pole Dancing Instructors, Annika Saigi. She has a diploma in business management and event management, but she is also First Aid certified, and she’s currently working on her Cert 3 in Fitness. Add to that experience on the flying trapeze, experience as an aerial instructor, and her two years of experience pole dancing at different studios, and you can see why she’s instructing at World of Pole.

A few years ago, Annika’s physiotherapist suggested she do a little exercise to fix her bad posture. She quickly learned that the gym wasn’t for her. Instead, she took up pole dancing!

What Annika loves most about being one of our pole dancing instructors is the fact that everyone has their own style. With so many tricks, combos, and techniques, it is impossible to do anything wrong! Instead, Annika focuses on making sure women are able to express themselves on the pole safely.

As a Pole Dancing Instructor Annika is known to always have a smile on her face, nothing is too hard, she also comes with some unique teaching tools which her students love (well, it’s usually a love hate relationship!).

Meet the owner of World of Pole HERE.

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