5 Myths Surrounding Pole Dancing

Forget what you think you know about pole dancing, because it isn’t true.

Although pole dancing has a lengthy history, its recent history brings up visions of exotic female dancers in barely any clothing. But, over the last decade or so, pole dancing has morphed into something much more complex.

Here are just five of the myths surrounding pole dancing and why they aren’t true.

  1. Pole dancing is just for strippers

The most pervasive myth when it comes to pole dancing is the idea that it is only for exotic dancers and strippers. Although this might have been the case in recent history, it definitely isn’t the case anymore.

Regular, everyday women love pole dancing. It’s a great way to feel sexy again, but it’s also an unbelievable way to lose weight and build upper body strength.

Pole dancing has come such a long way that there are even pole dancing competitions. According to the Washington Post, the 2014 Atlantic Pole Championships pulled in nearly 200 dancers, where winners would then go to the national championship in New York.

Because of the physical demands of the sport, there’s even a petition to the Olympic council to make pole dancing an Olympic sport!

Pole dancing is definitely not just for strippers anymore.

  1. Pole dancing is just for skinny girls

So, maybe you buy the fact that pole dancing isn’t just for strippers, but the idea that it isn’t just for skinny girls is a bit harder for some to believe. However, women of all sizes have had success with the pole.

Not only is it a great way to lose weight, it’s also a fantastic way to build self-confidence. In addition, most pole dancing communities are encouraging and friendly, making it even easier to give pole dancing a try, no matter what your size.

Pole dancing has the added benefit of bringing overweight women out of their shell and enabling them to live a happier life. Eda Marbury, a 25-year-old woman who started pole dancing when she weighed 330 pounds says pole dancing has “changed me in my everyday life, in my marriage… I’m happier.”

  1. Pole dancing is just for young women

Okay, so you can believe that pole dancing isn’t just for strippers, and it isn’t just for skinny girls, but pole dancing is definitely for young women, right? Although it is most popular with young women, this demographic isn’t the only one learning how to pole dance.

First, let’s start with the older generation of women. It’s easy to feel like you’ve lost your mojo as you age, but pole dancing is a great way to feel young and sexy again. For example, Greta Pontarelli is a 61-year-old woman who took up pole dancing at 59!

Pole dancing is for young and old women of all sizes, but it’s also for men and children too! Many men use the pole as a way to build strength, and they even compete in pole dancing championships. Kids’ classes are also gaining in popularity as an alternative to competitive sports.

  1. You have to be in good shape before you begin pole dancing

Once people realise what a great workout the pole really is, they start to believe that having upper body strength before you set foot in the pole studio is a must. If this is your belief, you’re sorely mistaken.

Sure, some of the best pole dancers in the world can hang upside like the crescent moon, but every pole dancing studio understands that their students come from all fitness backgrounds. There are a number of beginner moves, like the forward hook spin, that nearly anyone can do.

To prepare you for more difficult moves, most pole dancing classes integrate strength building exercises, drills, and additional classes that may include boot camp, boxing, pump, and circuit to help you progress on the pole.

  1. Pole dancing is all about being sexy

The final myth that needs to be addressed has to do with sex appeal. Although pole dancing can be sexual, it doesn’t have to be.

Not everyone who pole dances wears sexy lingerie. Instead, many pole dancers prefer to wear regular workout clothes that you would most likely to find in the gym. As a matter of fact, most professional pole dancers prefer more comfortable clothing because pole dancing is hard work!

When it comes to routines, pole dancing can definitely have a lot of sex appeal, but it doesn’t have to. Because poses require so much strength, and because men and women participate in pole dancing too, there are countless ways to pole dance that don’t have anything to do with sex appeal. As a matter of fact, pole dancing performances feel like dance recitals or gymnastics routines, not a Friday night at the strip club. Check out this routine, if you don’t believe me.

Pole dancing definitely isn’t what you thought. The next time you hear that someone is taking a pole dancing class, hopefully you’ll want to join them!

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